The Fallen Odyssey

It's a long way home.

When 17-year-old Justin Holmes wakes up in a bizarre, unknown world, far from his rural Pennsylvania hometown, he goes from an ordinary high school student to a refugee, fighting for his very survival against dark, mysterious forces.

Lost in a world of swords, shields and twin moons, Justin's fate becomes entangled with a group of freedom fighters wielding an energy force fueled by the human spirit. Can Justin overcome this savage realm? Will he find his way home? And at what cost?

An alternate dimension. An otherworldly odyssey. A demonic evil. And the power of the spirit.

The adventure begins in The Fallen Odyssey by C.B. McCullough.

"A thrilling epic fantasy book series suitable for young adults and experienced readers alike."

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The Fallen Odyssey - Free Soundtrack

Did you know The Fallen Odyssey has a soundtrack? This collection of background instrumental music ranges from relaxing to compelling and is inspired by the epic fantasy atmosphere of The Fallen Odyssey. Now available in a free streaming playlist, this music is perfect for working, relaxing, or enhancing your reading experience.

Click below to listen for free to this playlist of over 3 hours of music.

This collection of background instrumental music ranges from relaxing to compelling and features 41 songs by artists like Dream Theater, Opeth, Scale the Summit, Al Di Meola, Between The Buried And Me, Animals As Leaders, Andrew Bird, Chimp Spanner, Textures, Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, Jaco Pastorius, Jeff Beck, Jean-Luc Ponty, Billy Cobham, Shadowfax, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Weather Report, Acoustic Alchemy Official, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bill Bruford, Tony Williams, Journey, Ramsey Lewis, Dixie Dregs, and more. Genres range from rock, classical, jazz, progressive rock, fusion, new age, and metal music.

The Oikoumene - Fantasy World Map

This new map, created by author C.B. McCullough, is based on the fantasy world of The Fallen Odyssey book series and features locations mentioned in Book 1: The Fallen Odyssey (2013), and Book 2: The Fallen Aeneid (2014), new fantasy books in the young adult fiction category.

The Oikoumene - The World Of The Fallen Odyssey Fantasy Book Series

The Oikoumene - The World Of The Fallen Odyssey Fantasy Book Series

Readers can attest to the fact that the Oikoumene is not like other fantasy worlds. Unlike most books of the fantasy genre, the protagonist of The Fallen Odyssey is a boy from Earth. As he struggles to find his way home from this strange, alternate dimension of swords, shields and twin moons, our hero braves otherworldly locales, unearthly creatures, and dark, demonic evil.

If this is your first glimpse of The Fallen Odyssey, take your next step down the path less traveled. Read for free online or shop for your own copy in paperback or ebook.

A Note From C.B. McCullough:

Greetings, TFO readers! Having received several requests for a map to go along with The Fallen Odyssey, I hope that this image provides a suitable frame of reference for the events of the weird stories that you graciously continue to tolerate. This image is meant to enhance the reading experience for fans of The Fallen Odyssey Series. It was not created by a professional fantasy map maker. Although there are numerous world generator programs (web-based and downloadable alike) on the market, this image was created without using any specialized world-building programs or map-making software. You are welcome to share and download this image for entertainment purposes.  - CB

Chapters 1-6 of The Fallen Odyssey

Part 1 of the otherworldly fantasy book series, The Fallen Odyssey, is available to read for free, below.

Chapter One

It was no specific noise that woke Justin Holmes. In fact, what he noticed most was the lack of sound. No hum of ventilation. No whir of electric power or hiss of plumbing. All the background noise supposed to be there was missing. His confused ears rebelled against the silence, constructing barriers of whining, mosquito-buzzing white noise.

What he noticed next was the pain. Every muscle and joint ached. His head throbbed, and opening his eyes only made things worse. Dressed in a sweaty crew-neck tee shirt, brand-name blue jeans and socks, he lay atop a quilted bedspread in a dark room, alone. The only light came from an old-fashioned lamp mounted on the wall above the headboard and giving off a feeble glow. He raised an arm to shield his eyes, and even this tiny movement was a labor.

This isn’t my bedroom, he realized.

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Chapters 1-6 of The Fallen Aeneid

Part 1 of The Fallen Aeneid, Book 2 of the otherworldly fantasy book series, The Fallen Odyssey, is available to read for free, below.

Chapter One

What had at first burned and roared with the intensity of many tongues of flame was now only a quiet, green glow, spotting his eyes like the aftereffect of camera flashes. As he waited for his vision to clear and his eyes to adjust, what he found waiting for him was a memory.

He had seen his father cry only twice. Once in the hospital. The second time, at the funeral. In the year since that funeral, Justin thought he had seen his father come close to tears a few times, but never anything like the morning after Thanksgiving, while decorating for Christmas.

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