The Fallen Odyssey

It's a long way home.

When 17-year-old Justin Holmes wakes up in a bizarre, unknown world, far from his rural Pennsylvania hometown, he goes from an ordinary high school student to a refugee, fighting for his very survival against dark, mysterious forces.

Lost in a world of swords, shields and twin moons, Justin's fate becomes entangled with a group of freedom fighters wielding an energy force fueled by the human spirit. Can Justin overcome this savage realm? Will he find his way home? And at what cost?

An alternate dimension. An otherworldly odyssey. A demonic evil. And the power of the spirit.

The adventure begins in The Fallen Odyssey by C.B. McCullough.

"A thrilling epic fantasy book series suitable for young adults and experienced readers alike."

What had at first burned and roared with the intensity of many tongues of flame was now only a quiet, green glow, spotting his eyes like the aftereffect of camera flashes. As he waited for his vision to clear and his eyes to adjust, what he found waiting for him was a memory.
He had seen his father cry only twice. Once in the hospital. The second time, at the funeral. In the year since that funeral, Justin thought he had seen his father come close to tears a few times, but never anything like the morning after Thanksgiving, while decorating for Christmas.
The Holmeses didn’t own many Christmas decorations, which made the ones that they did have all the more meaningful. When Justin had expressed his desire to skip Christmas, Benjamin Holmes had adamantly refused, sticking to the same mantra that had gotten them through the past year: “We can be sad that your mother is gone. What we can’t do is let it derail our lives.”

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