The Fallen Odyssey

It's a long way home.

When 17-year-old Justin Holmes wakes up in a bizarre, unknown world, far from his rural Pennsylvania hometown, he goes from an ordinary high school student to a refugee, fighting for his very survival against dark, mysterious forces.

Lost in a world of swords, shields and twin moons, Justin's fate becomes entangled with a group of freedom fighters wielding an energy force fueled by the human spirit. Can Justin overcome this savage realm? Will he find his way home? And at what cost?

An alternate dimension. An otherworldly odyssey. A demonic evil. And the power of the spirit.

The adventure begins in The Fallen Odyssey by C.B. McCullough.

"A thrilling epic fantasy book series suitable for young adults and experienced readers alike."

It was no specific noise that woke Justin Holmes. In fact, what he noticed most was the lack of sound. No hum of ventilation. No whir of electric power or hiss of plumbing. All the background noise supposed to be there was missing. His confused ears rebelled against the silence, constructing barriers of whining, mosquito-buzzing white noise.
What he noticed next was the pain. Every muscle and joint ached. His head throbbed, and opening his eyes only made things worse. Dressed in a sweaty crew-neck tee shirt, brand-name blue jeans and socks, he lay atop a quilted bedspread in a dark room, alone. The only light came from an old-fashioned lamp mounted on the wall above the headboard and giving off a feeble glow. He raised an arm to shield his eyes, and even this tiny movement was a labor.
This isn’t my bedroom, he realized.

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